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[The following had been published in the Malvern News on 25/11/1916:

'Mr F. Gadd, of Malvern Common, has received notification that his son Sgt C. H. Gadd of the Worcester Territorials was wounded on the 15th October by a High Explosive Shell which, bursting a few yards away from him, fracturing the shinbone on his left leg. Before enlisting in November 1914, he was a golf professional at Aberdovey. His Company officer writes:

'“I am afraid his leg is hurt rather badly and probably he won’t be able to walk for some months. The doctor thinks that there will be some permanent injury. I have worked with your son for four months and he has rendered me the best support and I always knew he was prepared to do anything without consideration of the dangers. I never saw a man so badly wounded who was so cheerful. I hope when he returns to the front line he will get back to his old regiment.”]

With thanks to Mr Paul Roberts of Malvern, Editor of “To Those Who Nobly Served”

Charles’ death left the Brancepeth Castle Club without a professional, but by a remarkable coincidence the post was to be filled by another Gadd.