To the Brink of Fame by Gadd

A Golfing Memoir by Bert Gadd with John Marshal Cameron.
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The Golfing Gadds of Malvern, England

The Family Portrait

If you are related, by blood or affection to any of the people in this picture, then this web site is for you.  I have now set up the family tree online so you can visit it any time.  It is password protected so please email me for the password if you don't have it.

The Gadd Family Tree (now expanded to include many relations far and wide)

Thanks to my sister, Susan Van DeVelde who provided the Scottish genealogy which includes many McDonald and Marr relatives, and Enid Gadd who provided most of the Gadd family tree, and many others who have contributed there are now 588 names in this family tree! The earliest recorded event is 1585.  The most recent events are babies born in 2012. Connections have been made to relatives in New Zealand, Australia, Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland), England, Scotland and the US (North Carolina, California, and Georgia). 

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How My Search For My "Roots" Began

As a child I felt like I missed out on having an extended family.  We lived in Kenya when I was born, then stayed in Scotland for a few years and eventually ended up in Canada.  While other kids  in Canada seemed to have all kinds of aunts, uncles, grandpa's and cousins, we had  only two Grandma's living in the UK  and a few cousins that I had only met once.

There weren't very many pictures either, and this lack bothered me more as I grew older.  I had once seen a photo of my grandfather, "the famous golfer".  I tried to get a copy of it, but it slipped away.  My grandmas died, and then both of my parents.  I really did not think that I would ever know anything about my ancestors..

Over the years I developed some skills with the computer.  In 2001 I was at a party  and was introduced to someone who said he was a sport's historian.  I asked him if there was any good way to find out information about someone who was a little bit famous in golf.  He suggested I run a search on the internet.

When I got home that night I ran a search on Google for "Charles Gadd + Golf".  The first link that popped up was to the Ipswich Golf Course where Charles had been a pro.  It happened to be their Centenary, and they happened to have a list of all their pro's right there on the home page.  My grandfather's name was at the top of the list!  I was amazed!

Through their web site I contacted the archivist of the Golf Course, Dr. Tony Biddle.  By serendipity he had received a letter just a few months before from Albert  (Bert) (the Champ) Gadd, my grandfather's younger brother, who was then 93 years old and living in Chester, England.  I wrote to Bert hoping that he might write back.  I was so surprised when a few days later he telephoned me!  For a precious but short time we enjoyed a correspondence by mail and several phone calls.  I would have loved to have been able to fly to England to meet him.

Through Bert I was introduced to Enid Gadd and many other relatives in England, Canada and America.  My genealogy studies were interrupted by the arrival of my granddaughter Jasmine Serena Gomez-Gadd who came into this world on November 26, 2003, the day after Bert left it.

Since Bert's passing I have had it in my mind to create a web site that would link up all the various family members, and guarantee that these pictures and this marvelous story would be available for all the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and great great great grandchildren of Frank Gadd(1870-1943) and Kate Buckman Gadd (1873-1918) of Malvern, England.  If you are related to anyone in this family then this site is for you, and for your children.  This also includes those of you who were adopted in, who married in, and those of you who just have a big interest  in golf and golfing history.

Luckily for all of us Bert kept  journals of all the golfing events that touched his long life from 1909 to 2003.  His interest in golf never waned.   In his biography, written with John Marshal Cameron you will find more of a historic remembering of golf, than a family history.  The personal side of their lives remains to be told.

Update to 2012: it turns out that two of Frank Gadd's brothers, Frederick Gadd (1865-1933) and William Gadd (1857-1901) went to New Zealand, and one younger sister Ellen Maude Gadd (1882-1937) went to Canada. So we have found second cousins and third cousins! There are many interesting connections here.

Please join me in finding whatever missing pieces there are left to this puzzle!
Judith Gadd, North Carolina